There is an ancient legend about some men who were on a long journey. They came across a great desert and rode into a wilderness area.

At sundown they came to a river. They got off their horses and knelt down by the river to drink water. Suddenly a voice spoke to them.

The voice said, “Fill your pockets up with pebbles from along the river. And tomorrow you will be both glad and sorry.” So, they did what the voice commanded. They got on their horses and rode away.

On through the night they rode. Finally, the sun began to peek over the horizon. They stopped and reached into their pockets and there they found diamonds and rubies.

They held a treasure in their hands, and they were both glad and sorry. They were glad they had it, but they were sorry because they had not taken more.

The Good News for us is we can have all we want of the treasure of God’s Kingdom; all we are willing to take. If we will take that treasure, we will learn it is the discovery of a lifetime.

Submitted by Fr. Joseph Dovari