Think about the last time you got involved other than just attending Mass. For some of us it might be a long and painful dredging of our memories, so much time has passed. Oh, we’re willing and able, but we are used to letting more experienced or eager volunteers get there first. It’s easy to get complacent and a tad lazy, as long as the work gets done in the end. But how do we know the work is done? Sure, that ministry or a service will ‘get by’ without us, but who knows what it would accomplish with us?

Consider John the Baptist. He didn’t ask who else volunteered, or if someone was more qualified. John simply got up, got out and did the job that needed doing. Now John wasn’t the only travelling preacher in Jordan, and maybe he wasn’t even the best preacher. But because John was willing, people’s hearts and minds were prepared for Jesus arrival. Think of the souls and lives that might have been lost, had John left his job to someone else. Are you thinking that God’s work will get
done with or without someone like you? Think again.