What will you do when a famous personality visits your home unannounced? Perhaps you’ll panicked because you are caught unprepared. Maybe you will quickly fix the sofa so the visitor may sit comfortably and rush to the kitchen to make food and drinks.

But what if suddenly the visitor does not like to eat anything? What about if you have been told that a famous person is coming to your house? You may not panic but you would still be anxious and perhaps summon the whole household to make the necessary preparation.

This was the case of Martha in our gospel reading above. Jesus said she was anxious and worried about many things. Indeed, many times we are so caught up with worldly things that we often forget how to enjoy life.

Many times we are worried about the things money can buy that we forget the things that money cannot buy. Many times we are so engaged with work that we forget why we are working in the first place.

Let’s think also of rest but above all, think why we are living in the first place. Are we alive just to work?

Jesus is telling us that there are more important things than just work and food. The gospel is telling us that Jesus is more important than anything else. It is telling us that the Word is more important than work.