How complex and mind-boggling is our physical construction! Chemically, the body is unequaled for complexity.

Each one of man’s 30 trillion cells is a mini chemical factory that performs about 10,000 chemical functions. With its 206 bones, 639 muscles, 4 million pain sensors in the skin, 750 million air sacs in the lungs, 16 million nerve cells and 30 trillion cells in total, the human body is remarkably designed for life.

And the brain! The human brain with the nervous system is the most complex arrangement of matter anywhere in the universe. One scientist estimated that our brain, on the average, processes over 10,000 thoughts and concepts each day.

Three billion DNA pairs in a fertilized egg control all human activities, 30,000 genes making 90,000 proteins in the body.  Bill Bryson in his book, A Short History of Nearly Everything, says it is a miracle that we even exist.

Trillions of atoms come together for approximately 650,000 hours (when 74 years calculated as the average span of human life), and then begin to silently disassemble and go off to other things. There never was something like us before and there never will be something like us again. But for 650,000 hours the miracle or mystery that is uniquely us, exists.

One could spend years just dealing with the marvelous intricacies and majesty of God’s creation. We are, as the Psalmist states

“fearfully and wonderfully made.”

No wonder we cannot understand the mystery of a Triune God who created each one us as an unfathomable mystery.