We humans on earth are doing our level best to do everything possible to make the highways still wider
and easy and the gates broader, while Jesus clearly tells us that the path to heaven is hard and the gate narrow.

Till recently death, the ultimate point, the last moment in our earthly sojourn, was most difficult and often of long and rarely of short endurance. Humans did not have any significant control over it and so accepted it as such with an attitude of “thy will be done”, irrespective religion and belief. It used to be truly entering through the narrow gate.

The latest in our discovery path made that process easy through the wider path of ‘medically assisted dying’. Wonderful! Finally we succeeded in defeating the design of God and conquered even God Almighty! And we have already sent the many unborn, and continue to do it almost every moment, through the wider path of ‘choice’, applying our cutting edge technology to the root of God’s own privileged act of creation, to bring about a new life, which still continues to be his prerogative though. Here also we succeed in defeating God after he completes his very personally privileged act. We truly work out the design of God to make the last to be the first, and the first to be the….?

Our media, which knows everything correctly always and makes the right judgement, even found out recently that ‘the lone’ voice of one who continued working at God’s ‘narrow path’ simply spoiled ninety precious minutes of the judicial system, the Supreme Court of PEI and, of course, of the media, in arguing for the narrow path! One great advocate of ‘compassionate killing’ some time past stated that 83 per cent of Christians and 87 percent of Catholics are for this easy road and broad gate. I am still searching for the source of that statistics!

However, it could mean that a good number among us who gather together on Sundays around the altar of the Eucharist do prefer to walk through the wider path and enter through the broad gate, not necessarily taking the words of Jesus too seriously! It could be that Jesus lived and preached at a time when science has not yet made its appearance and humans were not yet ‘civilized’! Yes, we are now highly civilized and our science much advanced, and it is our privilege and fundamental human right to celebrate the culture of death. Come, enter the broadened highway and widened gate to the heaven of our creation and, of course, be the FIRST! human right to celebrate the culture of death. Come, enter the broadened highway and widened gate to the heaven of our creation and, of course, be the FIRST!

Fr. George