What a pleasant picture the peaceful sleep of a child is! Look at those small round faces and tousled locks of hair, arms akimbo in the trusting abandonment of repose. Oh, how we long to reach that sweet time of refreshment ourselves. In truth, we long for that same sweetness and relaxation in our waking lives as well. Contentment, security and peace – what a paradise our lives would be if we
could just attain them.


Hear the alarm clanging? Now isn’t the time for us to be lulled into sleep by happy secure lives. God has assigned each of us work,
hard work to do. And we must be awake, hungry, alert in order to accomplish it before His return.

Contentment is appealing, but it also yields a sleepy disregard to the troubles around us. Its too easy to sit back with full tummies, in warm homes with well-protected families, while the sorrows of the world continue unabated around us. And even a short nap
may find us dozing when the Lord returns.

Don’t let it happen in your life! Set your alarm this week and wake up to the work God has for you.