All of us like to stand before our own reflection at least for a while. We are curious overhearing others if they happen to be speaking about us. In such instances we are searching to know how we look like, what others think about us, how are we seen by others, what others speak about us? We even check with our close buddies about these, about what others think.

Depending on the responses we may turn out happy, joyful, contended, celebrative, disappointed, irritated, vengeful, retaliatory, and even depressed. Apparently, we are seriously affected by what others think and say about us, though often such thinking and speaking may not be anywhere near to the reality that we are.

In many such cases we refuse to reflect and find out the creature

 ‘wonderfully, fearfully and uniquely, made of us’ (Psalm 139)

by the creator God . We even refuse to accept the fact that God created us like what we are because he loved us as we are! For many people these reactions are allowed to determine their personality, behavior, actions and even their destiny. Such eventuality may not be always good for us and they may even lead us to perdition.

In today’s gospel we see Jesus making some such curious questions to his close buddies, the disciples. He might have been well aware of many such responses, the amazement of the people, their stupefying, astounding, wonder-struck, disbelieving, questioning feelings, sayings and exclamations about Jesus, his teachings and about the signs, healings and miracles he worked. Still Jesus is curious to hear something from his disciples. What was his intention: curiosity, searching their minds? Or could it be a prelude to what he was going to reveal to them? All these were possibilities. All the answers and especially that of Peter were excellent, real and true, and as usual Peter came out as rank holder and Jesus takes this occasion to finally announce and confirm his reward to be the Rock to found his Church on!

After their responses, Jesus reveals to them something ‘astounding and totally unacceptable”! The question of Jesus now is to us, who he is for us? No one else can give an answer on our behalf. We have to find it ourselves and on such findings depend our relation, our life, attitudes, reflections, reactions and our destiny. Those of us who believe in Jesus have to find out the right answer, and today and every day is good day for it. Good Day to you!

Fr. George