Pastoral Council

The Parish Pastoral Council consists of a group of parishioners, selected by the discernment method and appointed by the Parish Priest. They serve for a two year period.  The Parish Priest is its President and a permanent member. It advises the Parish Priest in the pastoral and spiritual care of the Parish. It advises the other organizations of the Parish and supports the activities after a process of discerning and discussion. It is the central point of contact and the source of collaboration and conversation between the various arms of Parish life, spirituality, worship and activity. It animates, enthuses and plans for all of the Parish Community. It is the contact point for communication with Diocesan Bodies, other Parishes, other Christian Churches, believers and all of good will. As such the Pastoral Council is not another organization or committee. It is rather the heart, mind and ears of the Parish community. It has the same standing as the Parish Finance Committee and liaises with it when activities need to be funded.

Members Include:

Fr. Arulraj (Raj) Santiago (Pastor)

Paul McKenna (Chair)

Shirley Murphy

Ed MacDonald

Bob Acorn