Knights of Columbus

The origin of the Knights of Columbus-often described as “an organization of Catholic Gentlemen” came about in October 1881 when a 29 year old priest, Michael J. McGivney, called a meeting of some men of St. Mary’s parish near New Haven CT.  The purpose of the meeting was to do something about the great number of needy in the parish, and to provide for widows in the parish whose husbands had died quite young. These men met regularly with a vision, and the original name discussed “Sons of Columbus” soon evolved into “Knights of Columbus”.  The newly formed “Knights of Columbus” was incorporated on March 29, 1882. Just 5 months after the first meeting. This “Organization of Catholic gentlemen” now numbers over 1.7 billion over the world and provide great service to their church, parish, and community. Their insurance program has earned the highest possible standard for financial soundness, and their members are well served by this insurance.  The six main areas of activity for the knights are: Church, Family, Youth, Community, and Council and Pro-life.  There are four degrees conferred on a Knight and it is on receiving the fourth degree that the Knight becomes eligible to wear regalia.

The Cardinal McGuigan Council # 7748 Holy Redeemer was constituted on December 14, 1980 with 41 charter members. Today we have 82 members.

In 2012 our council conducted the following activities: 12 meetings, charitable donations to council, church, family, community, prolife, youth. Our council members made 52 sick visits, 200 bereaved visits and our estimated hours of volunteer service was 542 hours.

As you can see we make a difference and yes, we would like to do more.

If you are a male age 18 or over and a practical catholic you are most welcome to become a member of this “Organization of Catholic Gentlemen”. You may contact any member of Holy Redeemer Cardinal MacGuigan Council or Don Martin at 902-628-1850, for more information.