There is a story told about a small town in Germany that was severely blasted during the last war. Some years later, the buildings were restored.

One of the buildings was the town’s cathedral. When the renovation was completed, it was noticed that a large figure of Christ the King, which stood in front of the cathedral, was still unrepaired, when both hands had been blown off in the explosion.

When there was no sign of it being repaired, some people went to the parish priest to enquire if he had any plans to repair the statue. He surprised them all by saying that, no, he was going to leave the statue exactly as it was.

He explained that, when Jesus ascended into heaven, he took his body with him. He asked us to provide the body (Church?), and his Spirit would provide everything else.

He would not replace the hands on the statute, to remind people that Jesus has no other hands but ours, when it comes to continuing the building of his Kingdom here on earth.

Submitted by Fr. Joseph