I will not believe!

April 2, 2016


It wasn’t someone from the modern secular world that for the first time said “I will not believe” in the resurrection of Jesus; it was St. Thomas, one of the beloved disciples of Jesus.  Many so-called believers today proudly distance themselves from their faith practices, which is an expression and evidence of open disbelief. However, the voices of those proclaiming loudly that Jesus is risen, is alive, and lives among us, and Alleluia, are not diminishing but increasing. Even today people willingly come forward to confess their faith in the risen Lord and to die for his sake!

It is debatable in the case of St. Thomas whether it was a lack of faith or a stronger faith in the Risen Lord that prompted him to say that he would not believe.  Apparently, at least after the crucifixion of Jesus, Thomas was a loner, kept himself away from the company of others, did not share their despair but deeply feeling the pain. Perhaps in his loneliness he and Jesus were closer to each other and something might have been ringing in his head that Jesus was alive. That closeness might have prompted him to say that he will not believe unless and until he sees, touches and feels.

Jesus left him to wander another week while he might have been hearing stories of Jesus appearing to Peter, James and all those St. Paul refers to in 1 Corinthians 15:3-9. That wandering and being out of touch might have increased and intensified his faith in the faithfulness of Jesus, which finally prompted and inspired him to make the biggest of all confessions in the whole of the New Testament, “My Lord and my God”.

Thomas doubted then just like you and I are doubting today. That confession enabled him to travel to the farthest ends of the then known world, witness to his faith and bring into the fold of believers the most unlikely people, a group of people from the priestly class of a different, ancient, strong and deep-rooted faith, which claims its roots going even earlier to the faith of Abraham. The faith of these Christians even to this day continues to grow and many from among them are being haunted, persecuted and killed in different parts of the world whereto they have gone to proclaim the good news of Jesus. They willingly die for their faith, and their blood brings in rich dividends to the life of the living Church. Praise the Lord, Alleluia!

Fr. George