The Utopias and a true Promise

March 26, 2016


The peoples of the world have been believers in many utopias, everlasting life beneath the pyramids, invincibility of the Roman Empire, later another empire where the Sun doesn’t set, the indestructible Titanic, the Communist and also the socialist revolutions where everyone is equal, the Capitalism which ensured the economy of the world, the stock market which is the best security for our future welfare, the welfare state, which also insures every one’s life on earth and now the market economy that will take care of the world forever. Some of these are the utopias of the past and others still linger around with significant subscriptions through the history of humanity.

There is a promise of a ‘Man’ who guaranteed resurrection of the dead and everlasting life. He also promised that he would be raised up in three days after being murdered, which event was witnessed and testified by a few, some of whom had even the fortune to touch and feel this resurrected man. This promise of resurrection and belief in this resurrected one have already survived and has been sustained over two millennia, a record, which none of the above or any other utopia in human history did ever or even possibly will survive.

We gather together in this place of worship to celebrate this Risen Christ and to profess our faith in his promise of our resurrection. We continue to gather because all his words on earth are being fulfilled even to this day. More and more believers in this Man-God and into his promise are willingly, knowingly and joyfully join this faith and start following him every day of their lifetime. Many of them also willingly die and allow themselves to be killed for this faith and for his promise. Forgiveness of sin and unconditional love even to arch enemies are his promises and his rule to attain this promise and the consequent life in eternity.

Let us strive to catch up with this flight and be on board with Him in everlasting peace, happiness and love! Have a Blessed Easter.

Fr. George