Fountain Gate of Divine Mercy

January 17, 2016


Another incident of the Epiphany, the manifestation of God, is today’s highlight, the wedding accompanied by the panic and the prompting to begin!

Isaiah and St. Paul to the Corinthians make the background preparations.  Isaiah comforts us telling us to abandon the feeling of being forsaken and to feel that God is delighted in us or we are the Delight of God.  In order that we may have this experience, St. Paul assures us of the presence of the Spirit of God in us and is pouring on us the varieties of His gifts, like wisdom, knowledge, faith, healing, working of miracles, prophecy, discernment of the spirits, various kinds of tongues and their interpretations.  Let us keep these good tidings from Isaiah and St. Paul as we reflect on the big beginning of the ministry of Jesus.

Jesus enters the scene in a celebratory mood, to participate in a wedding. At some times, before something extraordinary happens, there comes a panic, anxiety and feeling of hopelessness. That happens also in this wedding celebration. Jesus in the beginning took the position that it was none of his business and he thought he was not ready, or maybe not yet ‘grown up’. There was only one person who could have assessed authoritatively the growth and preparedness of Jesus, and that was Mary, who is the greatest Gift
of Jesus, of God, to humanity and especially to us the Catholics.

We believe that her presence with us and our closeness to her can keep us safe in many respects and at all occasions. Such a salvation happens to the wedding couple.  What is more important in this incident is that Mary, the mother of Jesus, testified to Him that His time has come and now is that time. In other words, she assures Jesus that He was ready and so she almost commands him to start, to begin. In the wedding at Cana, we experience that the fountain of Divine Mercy is opened for us in and through Mary and she even today continues in that mission. Let us try to keep her home with us, and with her Jesus and the world of Jesus!

Fr. George