In many ways, we are keepers of our sisters and brothers. We have social responsibility in family and in neighborhood. Jesus is saying something like that today. We have a responsibility for each other, for the common good. Parents may find this most difficult – to try to guide the family well and not lose them.

We teach by example and by love. Jesus is gently reminding us that by being members of the church community, we are responsible for one another, and one of our tasks of love may be that of correcting our brother or sister who errs. This is never an easy task in our relativistic times, and our advice risks being rejected. Fraternal correction must always be inspired by real charity – it is one of the spiritual works of mercy.

I pray to be given this love and the wisdom to find the right way to carry out this task of love. We ask for guidance and find help in the community of the church and of others. That’s where God is – two or three gathered is the community of God. Church is the gathered people. God wants the best for each of us. We can help each other to goodness, we can support each other, correct each other, and help each other on our way to God.

Fr. Joseph Dovari