We need to apply John’s message of caring and sharing: In the light of John the Baptist’s advice, we might consider what we can share with others this Christmas.

John does not ask us to give everything we have but only to share — to adopt an abandoned baby, perhaps, or to offer a meal to a hungry person, or to visit a sick neighbor, or to share in the funeral expenses of a poor neighbor, to practice active love and compassion, and to have social awareness.

Further, we must do an honest job. It means that a teacher should value his students and reach out to them, doctors and nurses should treat their patients with attentiveness and understanding, attorneys should be defenders of justice for all, lawmakers should listen to the needs of their constituents, citizens should exercise their right to vote justly, workers should do a just day’s work for their pay and employers should pay fair wages without discrimination, a married man or woman should give the spouse the first place in his or her heart, an employee should entertain his customers well, working honestly for the hours they are paid, and we should help the government by paying our taxes properly.

– Father Joseph Dovari