Once a man was driving along the country road lost his way. Looking for some person to give him fresh direction, he went ahead and discovered a farm house with a man working in the field and an elderly woman sitting right in front of the house doing some little odd things.

The old man in the farm was whistling clearly and loudly and he was certainly out of tune. To overcome his curiosity and also to find directions the man went there to him and asked for directions which he got instantly. Then he asked why he was whistling all the while, was it part of his work?

The man said that he had been married for 45 years and the couple had been happy together. But suddenly his wife lost her sight and became helpless. In order to acknowledge his closeness to her and his presence he would whistle all the while, so she would know he was close to her.

Zachariah and Elizabeth were equally sad over their barrenness and hence they spent time together praising God and serving the pilgrims.

Fr. Joseph