There is an ancient legend about Peter, which became the basis for a famous book and motion picture. At the time of the great persecution under Nero, the Christians of Rome told Peter to leave. “You are too valuable,” they said. “ Get out of town! Find your safety ! Go to another place and preach the gospel.”

Peter hastily hurried out of town as fast as he could. But as he hurried along the Appian Way, away from the Eternal City, he was met by Christ, going toward the city. Peter asked him in Latin, “Quo Vadis, Domine?” “Where are you going Lord?” To which Jesus replied, “Back to Rome, to be crucified with my people. Where are you going, Peter?” Peter’s eyes filled with tears of remorse, as he turned and walked back to Rome, where, according to tradition, he was crucified head downward, feeling that he was not worthy to die in the same manner as had his Lord.

Jesus’ question to Peter comes to us also. “ Where are you going?” Are we going with Christ, or away from him and from His Cross? That’s the really important question. It doesn’t matter how far we have traveled. What does matter is the direction in which we are going.

Fr. Joseph Dovari