Maybe you’ve heard the humorous story about the pastor who was having difficulty with his assigned parking space on the Church parking lot. People parked in his spot whenever they pleased, even though there was a sign that clearly said, “This space reserved.”

He thought the sign needed to be clearer, so he had a different sign made, which read, “Reserved for Pastor Only.” Still people ignored it and parked in his space whenever they felt like it.

“Maybe the sign should be more forceful,” he thought. So, he devised a more intimidating one in the Ten Commandment style, which announced, “Thou shalt not park here.”

That sign didn’t make any difference either. Finally, he hit upon the words that worked; in fact, nobody ever took his parking place again. The sign read, “The one who parks here preaches the sermon on humility this Sunday morning!”

You would probably feel uncomfortable about doing that because of a lack of experience and training. The Gospel reading here, as well as the other two readings selected for this Sunday, set before us a vision of a common ministry that all of us can be a part of. I would call it something like “a ministry of humble hospitality.

– Submitted by Fr. Joseph Dovari