When we’re planning an exciting trip, we can’t wait to leave. We fidget in our seats, recheck that our bags are packed, check the time every five minutes. Eagerness pours through every pore. We won’t miss the car, train or plane because we’ve got our eyes on the clock. It’s just a matter of waiting for the time to come and we’re “outta here”. So why is it that we Christians aren’t bursting at the seams?

We’ve got the best travel plans in the universe! God has promised us a home in heaven, a place in paradise and we’re not even interested enough to check that our passport is valid. You see, it’s the lack of itinerary that does it.

Jesus said no man knows the hour of His return. And since no one’s sent us a confirmed departure date, we haven’t even taken our suitcase off the shelf. This week ask yourself, am I living as if I expected Jesus to arrive any minute?

Are my hours filled with happy anticipation at the thought of seeing my Saviour? If not, perhaps it’s time to take out our map, the Scriptures, and spend some time planning that trip to paradise. And don’t forget to ask your Heavenly Travel Guide to confirm your reservations.

Fr. Joseph