Corrie ten Boom, the Dutch woman who spent months in prison and in the Ravens Bruck concentration camp for hiding Jews during the Second World War, had that kind of Faith.

Those awful days in prison were a strain on her Faith. Once she was in solitary confinement. She prayed, “God, how much longer do I have to take this? If You’re alive, if You really care, will You please show me a sign that You are alive and that You hear my prayers?” That night Corrie lay down on her cot feeling totally abandoned and alone.

She fell asleep crying and wondering why God wouldn’t answer her prayers. The next morning when Corrie woke up a
beam of light was shining down through a crack in the ceiling on a few blades of green grass. A miracle in the middle of that concrete cell!

“I knew without any doubt,” Corrie told us, “That God was alive and that His light would shine again in my life in a beautiful and wonderful way, even though the possibility seemed impossible.” That morning Corrie’s Faith in God and her commitment to allow Him to control her life were renewed.

Friends, that is Faith. Life is a marathon. Faith has to do with both having a great race and an even greater finish. In today’s Gospel, Jesus challenges listeners to have such a trusting Faith in His promise of Heavenly Bread on earth.

-Submitted by Fr. Joseph Dovari