This is the most blessed and most joyful night of the year as we celebrate Jesus’ resurrection. We are so accustomed to hearing of Jesus risen from the dead that we could say “Oh yea…we know all about it” and miss the grace of entering fully into this celebration, But think about it, Jesus rose from the dead!   Death is not the end. It is only the door to beyond. Let us not allow the resurrection of Jesus to have to fight for room in our lives, let Jesus’ death and resurrection be the center of our lives.

We began our celebration tonight with a service of light, which symbolized Jesus rising from the dead, and bringing light to all of us. The light of Christ has shown in the world scattering darkness forever. We had been waiting for this moment for thousands of years. This was in God’s plan for mankind, but the highpoint in God’s plan for us was the resurrection. This is the greatest celebration of the Church. This night is the most blessed of all as we heard in the Exultant, the Easter Proclamation.

Jesus’ resurrection reminds us that there is life beyond the grave. Jesus’ resurrection reminds us that there is more to each of us than meets the eye, that we have an immortal soul. Although our body will return to dust, our soul will live forever with God.