Music Ministry

Music ministry is meant to enhance the liturgy of the Church by helping us to raise our minds and our hearts in a united parish community voice of praise to our God.

At Holy Redeemer, we try to provide a variety of liturgical music styles to complement our weekend parish celebrations as well as other parish liturgies, such as funerals, and the celebrations of the sacraments, i.e. Baptism, First Communion, Confirmation and Reconciliation.

To provide for this ministry, the parish is blessed to have as our permanent organist, Gary Cudmore, with occasional assistance from Judy Donovan Whitty and Norma Thompson. As well, we have a number of dedicated cantors, three music groups, Junior Choir, Adult Choir, and a special Funeral Choir who provide music for all our parish funerals.

We very much welcome any and all parishioners who wish to share their musical gifts with the parish as a cantor, choir member or as a member of any of our music groups. Please make your wishes known, as follows:

For cantors, hymn leaders and/or musicians. These volunteers should have some knowledge and/or experience with liturgical music. Cantors and song leaders are normally scheduled once or maybe twice per month, depending on the season. Contact Tom Wilkinson 892-0621 or David Leclair 892-1558

To participate in Dino Dunsford’s Group, call Dino at 566-2165 or to join Norma Thompson’s Group, call Norma at 628-2248. For the Ben Hogan Family Group: call Ben at 892-2638

Junior Choir: Young people between ages 8-14, or their parents, are invited to contact Judy Donovan Whitty at 569-3496. This choir provides music for several of our 9:00AM Sunday Masses, as well as during the Christmas season and First Communion.

Adult Choir: Provides music for our Annual Christmas Candlelight Service as well as during the Christmas season. It also enhances the liturgies of Passion (Palm) Sunday and all the Easter Triduum services (Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter Vigil service and some Masses of the Easter season. Choir members practice regularly in the weeks preceding Christmas and Easter and are not required to be able to read music, although this is helpful. For further information, contact: David Leclair 892-1558, or Gillian Garson 892-8668

Funeral Choir: Members are not required to attend all parish funerals but as many as possible. This choir meets in the music room behind the main altar, 30 minutes before each funeral. If interested in assisting with this special ministry, please contact: Tom Wilkinson 892-0621 or Mary Morrison 368-1249, or just join us 30 minutes before any funeral. You will be most welcome!

There is a great spirit of joy, and fellowship among those who are involved in our parish music ministry. Please join us. You will be most welcome!

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