We are told, taught and believe that we humans are created in the image and likeness of God. We also believe and know that, that mysterious God walked on earth in our image and likeness, in our flesh and blood. And we believe and confess that this very same mysterious God is the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, all at the same time, one Supreme Being manifesting in three persons.  The Creator God permeates the whole creation and continues in the creative act; the Redeemer God, the Son walks in the creation always doing the Father’s will, and the Sanctifier God guides and continues to enlighten, teach and sanctify. All these functions are united in the One Being we call Triune God.  I think I have mystified it further and I can’t help it! Sorry!!

We do not get an answer to the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of the Trinity. What we can do is to fall in line, accept and do according to the prompting that come from within, which we believe is coming from this very same Source. In the obedient and submissive acts of falling in line and being obedient we become partners with this amazingly Triune God in the act of creation, redemption and sanctification. When we are real partners we experience, not in its fullness but incompletely, what they experience, the fullness of love. For Them the Triune God all these three acts of creation, redemption and sanctification as we humans understand is one act of Love.

We are invited into this love for which we are placed into a family consisting of father, mother and children. Godhead is a family, which is also the fullness of life and if at all we need to share and experience in their fullness, we must begin it in the family; that is, we need to be born in a family, nurtured in a family and bloom in the family and into a family. A true family on earth is a replica of the Triune God in heaven, receiving from the heavenly family rays and warmth of love, the ultimate source of love. Wisdom (Proverbs 8:22-31) today enlightens us that we are in this Trinity from and for eternity and make our presence here on earth in time for a while and vanish back into the same eternity.

Our call is to make that vanishing into a glorious existence, sharing the same glory of the same Triune God. Did I make it any clear? For me, I did not, but I do struggle to believe; what about for you?

Fr. George