Jesus uses strong words in today’s gospel: “I have come to set the earth on fire… Do you think that I have come to establish peace on earth? No, but rather division.” “Fire!”

  • Fire can do many different kinds of things.
  • Fire can make something strong; that is why we put pots on fire.
  • Fire can make something soft; that is why we put a piece of iron into the fire, it turns red and then you can bend it.
  • Fire gives us light… as in candle, kerosene lamp or electric bulb.
  • Fire takes away pain. If you have a sprained ankle or swollen hand, put it close to the fire. Heat helps the pain to go away.
  • But do not play with fire, it can destroy you and your property.

The message of Jesus is like a fire because it changes, it purifies and refines us. This message of Jesus makes us loyal to Him. Christianity is loyalty. It is not a theory or an ideology, but it is a faith in the person of Jesus Christ who is the Son of God.

It is the imitation of His life, teachings and sacrifice on the cross. Our faith is not material things that if we don’t like it anymore we discard it. Faith is a way of life; it is our own identification card that we constantly profess in our lives.

Fr. Joseph Dovari